The Eckert Presbyterian Church
13025 Highway 65
PO Box 7
Eckert, CO 81418

Office Hours
11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Monday thru Thursday

Worship Services
Sundays 10:30 am
Fellowship following Worship

Sunday School
No Sunday School during summer

Mission Statement
The mission of the Eckert Presbyterian Church is threefold: to our congregation, to our community and to the wider world.  Among these three there is no priority, our intention being to attend faithfully to each.

In our congregation, we provide spiritual nurture through worship and education.  We provide a sense of family through fellowship and social interchange.  For each member of our family we want the church to become a haven, a solid rock of security from which one can deal with one’s individual life.

In our community we reach out with local mission assistance and food pantry help whenever we see a need.  In tradition that dates back to our beginning, we welcome opportunities to help and to work with other entities.  The church is offered and often used for weddings and community gatherings.  The ecumenical background of our congregation prompts us to notice community needs.

In the world, we strive for generous giving to a variety of mission projects.  We like mission projects that give us direct contact with the mission field.  We enjoy the personal reports of the work being done.

The future needs of our church family and community go hand in hand.  The potential for substantial congregational growth is very real, as our area is growing retirees and families relocating.  We believe God is calling us to fill our house, not only with a nucleus of believers that worship with us today, but also with new faces from our growing community.