Children’s Sunday School

The Eckert Presbyterian Church is a great place for children of all ages! Our Sunday School Class teaches the basic Bible stories to ages 3-7.  The focus is on “I am a child of God”, part of the family of God, which means, God loves me always!

Children 8-12 learn about Jesus, his teachings, and how we can live Christian lives through our words and deeds.  Its all about following in His footsteps!

The Pre-teens, Tweens, and Teens work with the concepts of Christian living and apply them to daily life challenges.  What do we believe, how can we be part of the church, how do we use our faith in our own lives, and how can we use our faith to help our friends.  We participate in food drives for the Surface Creek Food Bank, help members of our congregation with fall lawn clean up, earn month for the Heiffer Project mission around the world and participate in worship, fellowship, and Vacation Bible School.

Join us each Sunday at 10:45 am!  We’ll share stories, songs, games, and activities while we make friends and learn along the way!